Carbon-neutral winery uncorks in France

In France, a new sustainable winery is on its way.

Château Cantenac Brown, an estate in France’s famous wine hub Bordeaux, has set out to build a sustainable winery with zero-carbon footprint.

The winery will eliminate air conditioning or energy consumption. Instead, the thermal inertia of the raw earth winery will ensure the stabilization and aging of the wines.

Forty-year-old agronomist Tristan Le Lous and his family developed the plan when they acquired Château Cantenac Brown in December 2019. They worked with architect Philippe Madec, who was promoted to the rank of Officer of the Legion of Honor for his work in sustainability.

“It will be designed around the existing buildings on the 220-acre estate, and built entirely from raw earth and natural, untreated wood from the surrounding Aquitaine region, resulting in a zero-carbon footprint.

The cellar walls will be built using an ancient construction method compressing clay and sand directly on to the château.”

Château Cantenac Brown

Château Cantenac Brown’s winery is scheduled to be completed in 2023, in time for the harvest.

The Le Lous family said in a statement that they hope the sustainable winery will serve as a model for sustainable design that can tackle climate change in decades to come.