Gangwon Wind Park Project

Gangwon Wind Park Project, South Korea.The Gangwon Wind Park Project is a wind energy power plant comprised of multiple wind turbine generators which produce over 70MW of power. This United Nations certified project is located in the Gangwon Province in the mid-eastern part of the Korean peninsula, within The Republic of Korea, more commonly known as South Korea.

As the world’s forth-largest oil importing country, with more than 97% of fossil fuels from other countries to produce energy, the project is designed to reduce reliance on these emitting energy sources and provides offsets from this switch.

GHGs and emissions offsets by switching to this renewable project means a reduction of approximately 149,536 metric tons of CO2, 284 tons of SOx, 215 tons of NOx, and 15 tons of dust per year. The value of CO2 was estimated in accordance with the methodology of ACM0002 and each value of SOx, NOx, and dust was estimated by using national Database for LCI.

Jobs have been created in the region and knowledge transfer to the local community, increasing economic development and prospects in the area.

Specifications and documentation:

Amount of Offset Purchased:

46 CERs, equivalent to 46,000 kg CO2.
Reference: VC14615/2020

20 CERs, equivalent to 20,000 kg CO2
KR: 122260671 – 122265232

Link to UNFCCC Certificates