Greenfleet is a major Australian not-for-profit environmental organisation that specialises in restoring forests.  They have a particular focus on planting native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions. 

Since 1997, more than 9.4 million native trees across over 500 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand have been planted.  Greenfleet ensure that:

  • The trees planted to offset emissions are legally protected for up to 100 years
  • Forests form a native, biodiverse ecosystem that builds habitat for native species
  • In the event of natural disaster, or tree destruction by animals – the trees will be replanted or replaced in another area.

Future Neutral is proud to work with Greenfleet and offer Australian based initiatives to combat climate change. Greenfleet is also focused on delivering projects which include significant social and economic co-benefits, including: 

  • Biodiversity and endangered species protection
  • Improved land productivity
  • Health and well-being
  • Job creation
  • Community engagement

Three such examples of programs include;

Koala Crossing

In partnership with Queensland Trust for Nature a 95 ha parcel of land has been undergoing re-vegetation since 2016. This reforestation project is re-building habitat for the koala population in the area and providing carbon sequestration. Learn More

Low Glow

Working to protect Australia’s endangered sea turtle population through the creation of “low glow” coastal communities. Learn More

Kowanyama Community

Working with traditional owners and the local community in Kowanyama, Queensland, to protect the climate and supply a source of fresh fruit. Learn More


Carbon offset purchased:

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