San Clemente Hydro Project

San Clemente Hydroelectric Power Plant, Chile.The San Clemente Hydroelectric Power Plant is a hydro run-of-river project that produces 5.5MW of power from the Sanatorio brook. This United Nations certified project is located in the Talca Province, Chile.

The energy produced by the project displaces fossil fuel generated electricity avoiding GHG emissions estimated at 12,620 tCO2e per year and 88,340 tCO2e in the second crediting period.

Ongoing employment of the local community has contributed to economic sustainability goals. During the construction phase 50% of the workforce was sourced locally, positively impacting the community of San Clemente, which has a high level of rural population, poverty and unemployment compared to the national average.

Specifications and documentation:

Offset Purchased:

15 CERs, equivalent to 15,000 kg CO2.
Reference: VC14912/2020
1 CERs, equivalent to 1,000 kg CO2.
Reference: VC14705/2020

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